Takeaway Menu

Order from a variety of starters, seafood specialities, poultry and meat preparations and vegetarian delicacies with a side of naan breads.
Prefer a wholesome meal? Choose your biriyani with raita and pappadums. Add some pickle for that extra spicy hot taste.
Complete your meal with a drink and the delicious gulabjamun.


Pappadums (4 pieces) $2.00
Pakora (4 pieces)
Sliced onion and potato, dipped in chickpea batter with Mild spices & fried golden brown, served with chutney.
Vegetable Samosa (4 pieces)
Homemade pastry filled with flavoured potato, green herbs and peas, served with mint sauce
Keema Samosa (2 pieces)
Homemade pastry filled with flavoured lamb mince, green herbs and peas, served with mint sauce
Fish Pakora (4 pieces)
North Indian dellcacy of fried fish, coated in a chlckpea batter, lightly spiced and flavoured with mint and lemon. The real flavour of Punjab.
Mix and Match (1 piece each)
Assorted combination of Tandoori and fried entrees that include Samosa, Pakora, Chicken Tikka and Tandoori drumstick.

Main Tandoori Dishes

Tandoori Chicken (King of Tandoor)
Juicy chicken marinated in yoghurt, lemon juice, saffron, fresh herbs, garlic, ginger and spices. Grilled in a Tandoori oven and served with mint sauce
Half $11.00 Full $18.00
Tandoori Chicken Tikka
Chicken breast marinated in yoghurt, fresh herbs, spices and ginger. Grilleq on skewers in a Tandoori oven.
Half $11.00 Full $17.00

Main Chicken/Lamb/Beef Dishes

This Korma is a special dish created for the Moghul Emperors. Cubes of chicken/lamb/beef are prepared with cashew nuts and cooked in a rich cream.y sauce.
(Mild) $16.50
Rogan Josh
Chef special creation. Chicken/lamb/beef is simmered with spices, with the added flavor of cardamom and fresh garlic. A spicy exotic curry of Kashmir.
(Mild) $16.50
Seasoned diced pieces of chicken/lamb/beef, cooked in Chef’s special Vindalob sauce, traditionally a hot curry. On request, the quantity of chillies will be adjusted to suit individual taste.
(Med-Hot) $16.50
A Goan style curry prepared with traditional Madras spice and coconut,creatingauniqueflavour.
(Mild) $16.50
Palak Blend
Chicken/lamb/beef cooked with a rich spinach sauce, tomatoes, onions and fresh seasonal spices.

Prawn & Fish Curries

Traditionally a hot curry, on request, the quantity of chillies will be adjusted to individual taste.
(Med-Hot) $19.00
This Korma is a special dish created forthe Moghul Emperors Juicy King Prawns prepared with cashew nuts & cooked in a rich creamy sauce.
(Mild) $19.00
A Goan style curry prepared with traditional Madras spice and coconut, creating a unique flavour.
(Mild) $19.00
Mango Prawn
Black tiger prawns cooked in a delicious creamy sweet mango sauce.
(Mild) $19.00
Butter Prawn
A Punjabi dish prepared with tomatoes, cashews & ground almonds and finished with a silky smooth cream sauce
(Mild) $19.00

Special Curries

Butter Chicken
A Moghul Tandoori dish. Chicken breast prepared with tomatoes cashews and ground almonds, finished in silky smooth cream sauce
(Mild) $17.50
Mango Chicken
A Tandori style prepared dish of chicken breasts in a delicious sweet creamy mango sauce.
(Mild) $17.50
Chilli Chicken
Chicken breast flavoured with garlic and soy & cooked with herbs, capsicum and spring onion in a HOT chilli sauce.
(Med-Hot) $17.50
Chicken Tikka Masala
Tandoori style chicken breast, with seasonal herbs, tomatoes & cashew nuts, cooked in a smooth onion sauce. A wonderful choice.
(Mild) $17.50
Balti Ghosht
Cubes of lamb, chicken or beef tossed in masala spices, herbs, garlic & ginger with fried onions
(Mild) $17.50
Chef’s Special Karahi
(Chicken, Lamb or Beef) An original Punjabidish, prepared with cumin, fresh herbs, tomatoes & capsicum with fried onions.
(Mild) $17.50
Lamb do Piaza
Kashmiri style lamb with onions, tomatoes and capsicum, mixed spices and herbs
(Mild) $17.50
Mango Lamb
Diced lamb cooked in a delicious creamy swaeet mango sauce.
(Mild) $17.50
Goat Curry
Preparedonlhe bone, the meat is cooked with true Indian spices that include garlic, ginger, paprika and coriander. Freshller bs and spring onion’s are added to a tomato and onion sauce, to produce a tasty and traditional rural Punjabi dish
(Mild) $17.50
Punjabi Prawn Masala
Prawns cooked in exotic spices and herbs with potatoes and onions. Prepared in true Punjabi style.

Rice Dishes

Lamb Biryani
Basmati rice cooked in diced lamb
Beef Biryani
Basmati rice cooked in diced beef.
Chicken Biryani
Basmati rice cooked in diced chicken.
Fish Biryani
Basmati rice cooked with fish.
Prawn Biryani
Basmati rice cooked in prawns.
Vegetable Biryani
Saffron Long Basmati rice cooked with selected spices and veggies

Vegetable Curries

Mixed Vegetables
An assortment of fresh vegetable blend with fresh coriander and selected spices.
Malai Kofta
Koftas are very popular throughout India. These are Chef’s original vegetarian delight of tasty cottage cheese and potato balls cooked with special selected herbs and spices.
(Mild) $15.50
Veg Korma
Fresh garden vegetables cooked in a creamy sauce with almonds, raisins, cashews and selected spices.
(Mild) $15.50
Aloo Palak
A spinach delicacy blended with fresh masala & served with cubed Potatoes.
(Mild) $15.50
Punjabi Gobi
Traditional Northern Indian curry, cooked with cauliflower, fresh green herbs and potatoes.
Channa Masala
Chickpeas cooked with fresh herbs and the Chef’s specially selected spices.
Palak Paneer
Homemade cottage cheese and spinach, cooked together in a smooth rich gravy with special herbs.
Bombay Aloo
Pan fried potatoes cooked with garlic, coriander, capsicum sauced very lightly.
Punjabi Dal
Red lentil curry mixed with a variety of spices and herbs & simmered over a low flame.
Dal Makhani
Mixed lentils cooked for hours and hours on a slow flame to maintain lentil’s flavour. Pan fried with ginger, garlic, tomato paste and butter. Sprinkled with home prepared spices.

Naan Bread

Butter Naan
A traditional Indian bread made with plain flour, self raising flour, yoghurt and milk
A traditional Indian bread, with the flavour of whole meal.
Garlic Naan
Naan bread with garlic.
Cheese Naan
Naan bread stuffed with grated cheese.
Chilli Cheese Naan
Naan bread with cheese and the flavor of green chilli inside the naan bread.
Aloo Paratha
Flatbread stuffed with mashed potatoes.
Garlic Cheese Naan
Naan bread stuffed with garlic and cheese.
Keema Naan
Naan bread stuffed with lightly spiced lamb mince and herbs
Peshawari Naan
Sweet naan bread stuffed with nuts and dried fruit.
Punjabi Naan
Chef’s special stuffed with cheese and spinach.
Exotic Special Naan
A mixture of chicken, cheese, coriander, spinach and green herbs.


Yoghurt & Cucumber Raita $3.00
Chilli Pickle $2.00
Mix Pickle $2.00
Sweet Mango Chutney $2.00
Mint Sauce $2.00


Gulab Jamun (4 pieces)
A sweet ball made with milk, cream and sugar. Fried with ghee.


Mango Lassi
A refreshing yoghurt drink with mango pulp
Coke, Fanta, Lemonade, Solo, Pepsi Max (375ml) $3.00
Lemon Lime Bitter $4.00
Ginger Beer $4.00
Orange Juice & Pineapple Juice & Apple Juice (250ml) $3.50
Voss Still Water & Sparkling Water (375ml) $4.00

(800ml) $6.00